Rigview Equipment’s staff drive our commitment to quality and continuous improvement. We have a highly trained workforce employed by the company and we remain committed to the development of every individual at every level.

If you’d like to join the Rigview Equipment team, send us an email with your CV to info@rigviewequipment.com.

If you need to send someone else within Rigview Equipment a message, please visit our contact us page.

Staff Photo - Findlay Beveridge

Fin Bethridge

Managing Director

Rigview Equipment supply chain manager Zuzana Darwent

Harmony Linstein

Supply Chain Manager

Rigview Equipment sales team Steven Reaney

Steven Gill

Sales Manager

Staff Photo - Matt Pearson

Matthew Johanson

Engineered System Sales

Staff Photo - Bethany Parr

Sarah Lynn

Internal Sales - Standard Products

Cahir O'Donnell photographed against a white background

Cahir O’hara

Projects Business Development Manager

Need to contact another member of the team? Check out our contact us page.