Founded as a family business in 1981, Rigview Equipment has a reputation for innovative solutions for a wide range of pressure testing applications. These engineered products can accommodate requirements up to 100,000psi. Additionally, the scope of Rigview Equipment products includes the design and manufacture of HPUs, Control Systems, Flushing Rigs and High-Pressure Fatigue/Cycle Test Stations.

After further expansion in 2010, Rigview Equipment relocated and further extended its UK manufacturing plant into larger, more flexible facilities. Thanks to this, it now provides significant additional capacity for growth and the development of Core products, Standard and Engineered systems.

Rigview Equipment takes pride in its reputation for manufacturing high quality, reliable equipment. Furthermore, customers recognise its flexible approach to engineered systems design. Thus, Rigview Equipment ensures their functional demands are always catered for.

Please contact us, and we will be happy to develop a customised solution for you.